Coating business


A shipbuilding business partner preventing vessels from rusting by using reliable technology and promoting vessel structural beauty

We constantly improve the efficiency of our operations through research
and development of coating procedures and premium quality coating
technology with the aim of putting customers first.

The Nagasaki factory is a factory which develops coating for the inside of cargo vessel oil tanks, and is recognized as the world’s leading company in this field owing to its technology and equipment.
Our coating technology can be flexibly applied to every coating area of the vessels, ranging from repaired vessels and outer panels to deck plates, ships’ holds, underwater lines, ballast tanks, and pipelines, etc. of new vessels built at domestic shipyards. We research and develop repair ships and automated equipment, which is unique as a vessel coating company. With the developed technology and the quality control system which comes from years of experience, we always provide consistent coating to shipbuilding and maritime industries.

NACOSU : the automated coating system.

(Patented identification number : 502180060)
Coating business Coating business Coating business Coating business Coating business Coating business