Business overview

NAKATA MAC CORPORATION strives to be the ideal partner to carve out the next generation of shipbuilding and maritime industries by these three businesses.

Our fundamental perspective

We fully benefit from the strengths of these three businesses and keep abreast of customer needs, while always focusing on the basic principles of business:quality and delivery time.
Each employee’s sense of commitment toward these basic principles contributes towards solid teamwork and earns customers’ trust in our company.
As the nature of each business is so closely related as to be complementary, this generates the effect of synergy within our business, allowing efficient and comprehensive corporate power to be exercised.
Always looking one step ahead and maintaining a sense of independence and aesthetic, the whole company works together, continuously and boldly challenging technological innovation. This is our ongoing tradition, a principle that we have always upheld, and we consistently pursue the aim of maintaining our position as an innovative company.