Equipment business


An equipment manufacturer supporting efficiency of cargo handling on vessel freights

Our total engineering solution gives us the flexibility to adapt to any kind of order, allowing us to make further progress in technology development.

Hatch cover that covers ports of cargo vessels, such as bulk carrier ships and container ships, to keep wind, rain and sea water from entering.
Ro-Ro equipment for efficient loading of a cargo (car) into vessels such as car carriers and ferries.
We provide total engineering, from planning and designing to manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of cargo equipment. Moreover, from the users' viewpoint, we are researching a new-type of hatch cover that focuses on simple structures for easy operation and maintenance.

Based on our technology which is developed using our years of experience and the full use of two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD, structure analysis and self-developed software, we are also developing and designing equipment which flexibly adapts to various vessels.

Hatch cover

A steel hatch cover covers the opening of vessels for the most important work of cargo vessels, such as cargo handling, preventing wind, rain and sea water from entering.
More cargos can be loaded on the cover to increase the load-carrying capacity.

RO/RO RORO (Roll on Roll off) equipment

This equipment is to load a cargo (car) efficiently into vessels by the combination of bow ramp, stern ramp, door, car deck, and lifter and so on.
We aim to computerize many experiences and operations and create safe and quick equipment.

Equipment business
Equipment business Equipment business